Mobile Apps Come To AdWords Thanks To AdMob Integration



Google today announced that AdWords advertisers will be able to run campaigns in the AdMob network of more than 300,000 mobile apps — a move that could turn out to be lucrative for both mobile app publishers and Google.

In a blog post announcing the integration (Google sent me an early copy), the company says that AdMob campaigns will be added to the regular AdWords dashboard. When the advertiser is choosing the type of campaign that they want to run, they can just select the “Display Network only (mobile apps)” option, and then they’re creating an AdMob campaign. In AdWords, they can also target their ads at specific smartphone or tablet models, and direct their campaign at specific app categories. They can even target specific apps.

adwords admob

Google acquired AdMob for $750 million two years ago, and the company describes this as “the latest chapter in our ongoing efforts not only…

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