I boogie for the raindrops,

I boogie for the raindrops,
for the purity, the anger,
for my childhood recollections, /

for the comic book in my heart,
the mocked intentions, /

the clarity, passion, seclusion,
those cool summer nights, /

for the market merchant
across the street
selling me stoges at half price, /

for the mights, the maybes,
the nauseating pitfall, /

my girl, my friends,
for the fact my window
opens towards a brick wall, /

for the 3 legged dog
I saw dragged on a leash, /

for the homeless man
who walks my block
in rainstorms with plastic bags
on his feet. /

See I throw the weight
of 10 Earth’s over 1 shoulder
& walk across broken glass
through every wicked world
to kiss tomorrow’s morning
– not for nothing! /

You’ll drown in a pool
of your crooked morals
‘Maybe Aesop Rock
was on to something’… /

Maybe – no promises.

Excerpt from:
The Tugboat Complex,
Aesop Rock