186,000 miles
That’s how far light travels
In one second
A light second

I’m over here
To travel just 1 mile
By foot

And light is out there
Dancing in our faces
Slapping us around
186 thousand times
Every second

This is all
Badass stuff
Really interesting
Science intrigues me

But what fascinates me most
In learning how evolution occurs
Between Charles Darwin
Immanuel Kant
And Deism

I realized there is a science
To understanding everything
But there is no ultimate truth

In fact
There is no truth
Meaning is
The best opinion of the time
An educated guess
But a guess nonetheless

In fact
Meanings to words
Meanings of time
Meanings of feelings
Meanings of everything


Everything is real
Everything truly exists
But human understanding of it
At best
Is just a man made concept
Of what is real

Nihilism has taken hold on me
Deism is the best foot forward
And Science is the philosophy
Of the future

So here’s to making
Every second
All 186 thousand times