Connect Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics for the Real SEO Data

Google Analytics SEO Tip:

Setup Google Webmaster Tools for your Web site and connect it to your Google Analytics via “Traffic Sources -> Search Engine Optimization -> Queries” in the Google Analytics Reporting section of your Web site.

Google Analytics Hacks

Google Analytics Hacks (Photo credit: Search Engine People Blog)

Notice the 2-3 step process Google requires you to take in order to get the real on site search data you need to make the right keyword decisions.

If you are paying companies to handle On Page SEO for you without having the proper tracking systems setup beforehand to draw upon, you’re basically asking someone else to take an educated guess at the keywords that will drive traffic to your company’s Web site for you – and it won’t work.

I’m not here to tell you there is a silver bullet of any kind for any industry, any company, or any Web site. Google isn’t a billion dollar industry because you can find some random person from a random Web firm and pay them a couple of bucks to rank #1 overnight.

English: Competitors in the 1990 London Marathon

English: Competitors in the 1990 London Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you take one thing away from this tip, it’s that successfully driving the right amount and the right kind of organic traffic to your Web site is basically like running a marathon. You need the know how to setup the correct tools to track the traffic, the know how to properly use the tool to find the buried gems amidst the rubble of keywords you don’t want to optimize for, and the know how to properly optimize your Web site to target the keywords you do want that lead to the conversions you need on your Web site.

And the biggest trick of all of this for Google is that as they make their multiple changes to their algorithms daily – trying to better learn their user’s query intent, so too is everything SEO forever evolving and changing on a day to day basis. So while you may dominate today for the right keywords that target the conversion you desire, if you set down the SEO skills and walk away from the Analytics tools, you’re sure to ride a slow downward trend of the right kind of traffic you want.

This is the real surfing on the World Wide Web no one talks about. And Google Analytics is the Big Kahuna. Consider me Jack Johnson (no – not that Jack Johnson). 🙂