I love that Mozilla recognizes the importance of evolving with the times in order to stay relevant and competitive with what’s in demand. After all, the future of the Web is at stake here. And here’s to a bright Open Source future with the likes of Mozilla safeguarding accessibility in the face of Apple and Google dominating the space in the name of free market. I, like many of my peers, see the Web as something greater than just a means of personal economic gain. But I’ll stick my soft, fuzzy feelings about hippy World Wide Web dreams back into my pocket and take this time instead to toast Firefox OS in a mobile-centric world!


Firefox OS, the new, HTML5-friendly mobile OS from Mozilla, is today taking a big step forward in its strategy to become a viable third player in the smartphone landscape currently dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Mozilla is announcing that 18 carriers have now committed to its Open Web HTML5 device push; the launch of the Firefox Marketplace app store to aggregate content for the platform; and some of the first low-cost handsets coming out of its carrier partnerships that will be coming out this summer.

Telefonica — whose ZTE-made handset is pictured here — will sell its first Firefox-powered phones in Latin America and Spain; and Deutsche Telekom will debut its handsets in Poland before expanding to other markets in Eastern Europe. Other operators announcing handsets today include Latin American powerhouse America Movil (starting first in its home market of Mexico) and Norway’s Telenor, which has operations…

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