Busynessgirl.com 2012 Relaunch by WordPress Ninja Eli Heiss

Back in 2012, sometime between April and June, I helped a friend relaunch their Web site. The redesign had a personal touch to it that the owner really loved, and I enjoyed building it for them. The Web site is Busynessgirl.com, and it is run by a very passionate, driven, and inspiring person named Maria H. Anderson.

Busynessgirl.com home page main navigation

Busynessgirl.com home page main navigation

We used a theme called Streamline from the Genesis Framework to rebuild the WordPress site. One of the advantages I had in this rebuild was that the owner was a WordPress power user. In a lot of ways she knew more about the User Experience of WordPress than I did – as I tend to build them more than use them. So in a very good way, Maria challenged me to rethink some of the things I normally took for granted when building a WordPress site for a client.

Busynessgirl.com 2012 Relaunch

Busynessgirl.com 2012 Relaunch

One of the main themes throughout the site comes from Maria’s vision herself – to have an inviting and playful spirit to the colors and theme of the site. We found a way using CSS to modify which of the educational background images would be highlighted based on what section of the site you go to, which I think added a really great feeling to the usability of the Web site. Cudos to the curator for such a great idea.

As a token of appreciation she insisted on plugging me in the sidebar credits of her Web site as a WordPress Ninja. At the time, I wasn’t too concerned with being linked to or credited for my work online, but looking back I’m very thankful that she did so. It’s important to let people know what I specialize in whenever given the chance. As I’m trying to make a name for myself in what I love to do, I’m finding self-branding is everything.

Busynessgirl.com WordPress Ninja - Eli Heiss

Busynessgirl.com WordPress Ninja – Eli Heiss

Please check out her Web site and let me know what you think. If you’re a math junkie or love learning – which everyone should! – you’ll be sure to love it. My favorite section is the Edge of Learning.

In sharing this project with everyone I hope to show my gratitude to Maria for showing me how to take myself, Elijah Heiss, serious as a professional WordPress Developer.

So here’s to @busynessgirl!