WordPress 10 year anniversary this May 27th!

Interview with Matt Mullenweg from 2007 about WordPress:

WordPress 2012 Blue logo

WordPress 2012 Blue logo

Almost ten years ago now, Matt Mullenweg, along with software developer, Mike Little, originally released the first version of WordPress onto the public. Available completely free of charge under the GPL license, Matt and Mike’s vision was to simplify the process of editing your own blog.

Three years after it’s initial release, I finally decided to test out WordPress – the free, Open Source software, and compare it to the other popular free blogging system, Blogger. What appealed to me about WordPress was that it was not only free as in beer, but free as in freedom. You are free to download the software and install it on your own Web site – giving you total control over what you can do with it.

Many versions and many years later, WordPress has been carefully nurtured into becoming the world’s most affordable and easy to use Content Management System. The latest release of WordPress, version 3.5.1, comes with the great new features of Custom Taxonomies, Custom Fields, a slick new Media uploader, and my favorite – Custom Post Types. Mike Little, Matt Mullenweg, and the countless of other PHP Web Developers across the globe really have done an outstanding job of making the once daunting task of managing your own Web site into a process almost too easy to believe.

WordPress Menu Example

WordPress Menu Example

I literally have dozens of stories showing clients how to manage certain pieces of their site with WordPress and it was so easy they couldn’t believe it, because of their previous experience with other software that made site management difficult.

(Example: Appearance → Menu – many clients look right over the Menu section not realizing it literally is drag and drop, quick and easy).

Original WordPress Default Kubrick Theme Screenshot

Original WordPress Default Kubrick Theme Screenshot

In the past 6 years, I have had the great satisfaction of seeing WordPress grow and mature into the ultimate Publishing Platform that it is today. I still get nostalgic about the original Kubrick default theme every now and then. But all and all, I really look forward to the new upgrades of every version of WordPress, because the people behind the development of the software really take their users seriously.

With now over 8 million more than 62 million WordPress users worldwide and running on roughly 17% of all Web sites, I only see it getting better and better with age. So here’s to 9 great years of WordPess, and to May 27th, 2013, being the 10 year anniversary, and to many, many more birthdays to come.

Cheers for WordPress – bring on the barbecue!


3 thoughts on “WordPress 10 year anniversary this May 27th!

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  2. Eli,
    Matt didn’t start or release WordPress on his own. I was the co-founder. Matt makes that quite clear in the video you feature. Some more info here http://zed1.com/journalized/archives/2013/01/25/wordpress-a-10-year-journey/

    I also don’t quite know what the stats site you quote are measuring but those numbers are much too low: there are almost 62 million WordPress sites not 8 million! http://en.wordpress.com/stats/ and over 17% of the top 1 million sites. http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_management/all


    • Thank you for clarifying my mistake, Mr. Little. I didn’t mean to imply Matt was the sole founder or creator. I’ve made the proper corrections above. It’s an honor, sir!

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