I know a great woman
When I see one
I was raised by one

When I was little
My grandmother
Would share
Her story
Of my grandfather & her
Growing up as kids

It was the story
I grew up with
As example of what love is
Although at the time
I thought I was just learning
How they met
It wasn’t until years later
When I suddenly felt
A tug at the heart
That I made the connection
I was being told what love is
And what a beautiful thing it is

My grandfather
A teenage boy
In the 1950’s
Muskegon Heights
“Back before
There were all these roads”
He used to tell me
A boy named Jackie
Although he preferred
To go by just Jack

Every day after school
He would walk
From Muskegon Heights
To North Muskegon
Where my grandmother lived

For 7 miles
2 & a half hours on foot
Every day after school
Just to see her
The girl he was in love with

And every day
Along the way
He would pick her flowers
And think of kind, romantic
Things to say

I remember
Hearing this story
And imagining myself
In my grandfathers shoes
Dreaming of being
That much in love
Some day

And years later
With this kind of
Endless devotion
He asked her the question
And she said yes
At that point
He was already
A part of her family
Her father treated Jack like a son
And he was a father figure
For Jack
Whom never really had one
Growing up

He treated her family
Like they were his family
And through this
She fell in love with him
Seeing the kind of nurture
And care he would bring
To her children
And grandchildren

And the rest is history

So I know a great woman
When I see one
One worth walking
To North Muskegon
And back


I know what love is
And laughter

The rest is in
Beautiful baby boys & girls
To pass on our stories
The story of life & love & laughter
So that they may know
A better tomorrow

I think about this
Because forever
Is all I’m looking for
And forever is all I’m offering
Or do you not
Think so far