In every good deed
Is a deeper part of me
That would truly like to think
Brave enough
To achieve

And in every bad one
I find an excuse
I always tell myself
As to why I’d never dream

But that’s not truly me
If we’re being honest
Such is the folly
Of all mankind
And in this battle
You will see
What it means
To be a human being
A battle of the moral self

A compass
Made up of parts we call
The Id
The Ego
And Super-Ego

But really
Just me
Lying to myself
Convinced I’d never seek
The wrongs that
Shall become of me

Every man has a price
And on every camel’s back
A final straw
And in ever man’s heart
A sacrifice

Inevitably we all shall pay
The ultimate burden
That can only lead us
To jumping over the edge
But when you do
Be honest with yourself
Never say you were pushed

Own it
Find the line
Hold it
And in that
You’ll have found
Your moral self

On the wall
Who is the falsest of them all
“Why, it’s you, so full of it!”

You are but a dream
And Ego
Just fantasy
And Id
The cowardliest

You drink from the same cup
As everyone else
You are but a man
Amongst many
And you’re heart no more plenty

But find your heart to be pure
Find your voice to be true
And your moral compass
Will guide you home

And through this
You should only speak
For no other words
Have any meaning
No other deed
A true reflection

Never fall

See yourself
As you truly are
And beautiful
You shall always be