spacetime curve

spacetime curve

the age of the universe is
estimated to be
13.8 billions years old

earth is
4.54 billion years old

the milky way galaxy
is 100,000 light years
in size

the observable universe
has an estimated radius of
45.7 billion light years

1 light year is
roughly 6 million million miles

that’s 6 million million miles
times 45.7

at this point
i’m willing to
call it

as time goes on
space expands

it’s as if
god is just toying with us

so the next time
you look out into the starry night
know that you are looking out
into infinite

think about it
according to spacetime curve
forever isn’t an idea
we’re living in it

eventually the spacelike slice
will rob us of
those beautiful lights out there
billions of years old
and long since gone from us

because if the cosmos
is only 13.8 billions years old
how can its distance
be greater than 13.8 light years?
because the universe is expanding

so when you look up
know that
you are seeing the past
and that
those lights from those stars
are light leaking through
the cracks
of spacetime curve

if we survive on this mortal coil
as a species
at the mercy of destiny
and chance

know that our ancestors
will eventually tell of an age
when once upon a time
our people could look up
and see the sky at night
lit up with other galaxies
telling there tales
through the lights of there stars
telling the tale of there histories
and ultimate demise

but we as a species
were not yet evolved
or enlightened enough
to find the means to travel
and discover beyond
our horizons

we are the dreamers
of a tomorrow
thinking about
and the distances
of time

or do you not think
so far ahead?

for frank ocean
neil degrasse tyson
& carl sagan