What the Internet wants is for us to compete globally. We have to find that thing that is uniquely us – that thing that only we can do that nobody else can. And in it, it gives us the opportunity to share that with the world. And if education was designed more to help us find that thing that we love doing as soon as we possibly could it would change the whole world. And getting from here to there – I don’t know how to do it. I really hope we figure it out. Because this compulsary education is destroying so much. It’s really, really bad. It’s destroying the creativity of all of the young minds. I at some level feel lucky having my parents homeschool me – even though they did it for all of the wrong reasons. They wanted to keep me away from being creative – to like sort of control me and try to make me think a certain way. But because of the Internet I kind of escaped it. The advantage was that my mind wasn’t as molded by the traditional way of thinking about things, and that ended up working well for me.