We Are Meant To Be Broken

Let them into your heart

Let them into your soul

That thing that makes you you

And tell
Of your winding road

Grant them tomorrow
On your bridge of today

Toast your intentions
And sing of there ways

Laugh at the loudest of jokes
And smile with eyes
Widened in hope

Even though you know
Deep down inside
They will steal your innocence
And with it
A piece of your soul

They will step on your weakness
Of your eagerness
For commitment

You do not want to be alone

But drown it all away
In a bottle of forever
And promise to never again let go

No one deserves this warmth
No one can earn this love

You give up a little bit more
Each time
Slowly losing hold
Of the thing that fills you whole

And then one day
You have no more
Happy to give anyone

You spent it all
On a dream deferred
In naive, youthful zest
You shot your payload

But silly, silly child
You should never give up
Because with true love
The heart will never get old

And you realize in time
That all along
True love is not something
You can contain

It can only be ode
The heart has a mind of its own