The Creator

The Creator

Grasp this:

Nearly 100 years ago
We couldn’t communicate
For long distances
Outside of writing letters
And sending them
Through the mailing system

We couldn’t travel quickly
For long distances
Outside of trains
And horseback

We still didn’t really know
How to fly yet

And the concept of
An automobile
Was still just being sketched out
For mass transportation

The idea
For the best form of system
For a society and government
Was still just finding legs
To stand on

Go back further:

From the discovery of fire
To the invention of tools
And clothing

To the creation of weapons
And the harvesting of crops

Even up until we became
The makers of whole societies
The founders of a moral math
The inventors of time itself
And the creators of meaning
For whole worlds
And entire lives

These are just concepts
Sketched out
All man made
All made up
All necessary
To help develop the photo
Of a greater worldview
Called humanity

40 years ago
The Internet was military owned
30 years ago
The personal computer
Was still in a garage
20 years ago
The Web was still
Being written by Tim Berners-Lee
10 years ago
There were no smart phones

Today belongs to you
Be the creator for your world
And create the one
That you want to live in
There are no excuses
You are limited
Only by your imagination