Facebook and Mobile First

Mark Zuckerberg might have made a mistake for doubling down on the mobile Web browser over mobile apps – a mistake Facebook has now fixed with one of the most feature rich social apps out right now. And although I may be biased toward the mobile Web browser as a Web Developer who prefers simple markup over the mathematics of computer programming, I believe Facebook is poised to maintain a lead in advanced mobile Web browsing going forward. I don’t know of another site as rich with interaction through the touch of a smart phone. And it’s only going to get better with time. In fact, I think it might have been the smartest move for long term success in the always growing social and mobile and local world we now share. As I study the mobile Web more, I’m seeing just how far ahead Facebook is to everyone else. Right now Responsive design is winning the crowd, but in 5-10 years who will pull up your site on there desktop? I’m focusing my efforts on Mobile First. It’s the only game in town for me.