Ev Williams Interview on Foundation with Kevin Rose

Ev Williams Interview on Foundation with Kevin Rose

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Kevin Rose interviews Evan Williams on Foundation.

@ev, founder of Blogger, co-founder of Twitter, founder and CEO of Medium, tells an interesting story of how the term ‘blog’ came about and how ‘blogger’ went from a brand name to a way to describe someone who writes an online journal/diary/web log.

I love his perspective on Web technology and how we can solve problems cropping up from the digitization of many offline media industries, and I agree whole heartedly. There is room for both worlds – the quick and dirty for consumers with low attention spans and really great research and product creation for users who love the finer details.

Kevin Rose Interviews Ev Williams on Foundation

As a WordPress dev and a Web enthusiast, I am intrigued with what Evan Williams is attempting with his new company, Medium. Can digital journalism be rescued from the Twitterfication of short attention span readers?

I’ve been testing Medium for a while now, and at least as a WordPress dev, I am definitely concerned from the standpoint of potential future WordPress blog clients. But if @ev can save online journalism and bring back the art of great article writing online, I think it’s worth it.

So far I really like it. I’m definitely studying their UX hard.

From GeoCities to free domain registrations and much more, this interview makes for a great journey down memory lane of how the World Wide Web, and more specifically, Web Development grew up.

Definitely a lot to learn from the story of a serial entrepreneur with great success.