Brooklyn, Japan (or, “Poems from When I Was 19”)

After starting a new podcast, called Oddcaste, I began digging through old files from when I maintained 2 other online podcasts years ago. Eventually I came across an old series of poems written when I was a teenager.

Now, normally this is where the post-Social Media influenced adult voice would be saying, “You don’t want to share those, because they’ll stick with you online forever.” But I’ve thought about it, and I sorted through all the non-sensical poem’s from when I was still just discovering who I am.

I decided if these poems end up filed under my name in the awesome new free NSA cloud storage package we all receive as being United States citizens, I’m totally cool with that, man.

This is me – back when I was big into Hip-Hop culture and spoken word, heavily influenced by Nikki Giovanni, Saul Williams, and Aesop Rock. So here marks the beginning of sharing a series of poems written when I was 19 (almost 12 years ago now).

Brooklyn, Japan

Brooklyn, Japan

ive got a japanese heart
born of brooklyn
upon a cherokee moon
black as the sun
blankets a southern
high noon

white is tomorrow
my sunday
come morning
of light

little mirror
in my reflection
youve got the most
marble of eyes
sparkling mine
in the stars
in the sky

you are
so am i
in an amazement
you are my beautiful days
left laced with the traces
of self remembrance
a faith in our children

wont you marry me again
for the sake of
our today love
born brand new a kin
aching thin
at the making
of heart beats
warm within our parenting