Because true love is

Because true love is

Wild like the wind
I’ll be your blanket
For the warm memories
Of our childhood old friendship
As we slowly grow together
But secretly inside
Forever we’ll always be
Just a couple of
Foolish kids

We can live for
The cherished moments
With our children
Like feathers
That flock to one another
And share
A happy father and mother

Oh how I wish you would

Two old flames
Meant for each other
That will never stop burning

For you I give my name
And who I am
More than
A thousand times over

I’ll pay the ultimate sacrifice
Of a boyish youthful health
With a smile so full of joy
And thankful for the gift that is
A true love so age old
And far outlasting
Beyond any need
Of my own

In the Autumn
Of falling leaves
I look into your eyes
Smiling for me
In a romantic moonlit
That I wouldn’t trade
For any other

You are
A fresh breath of air
Forever beautiful
In your ways
With a girlish laughter
That never wears

Here’s to our
Youthful yesteryear
In ever after
Sweet darling
I will forever
Hold you near

Where it truly counts
In the matters
Of love or lust
For you
My ❤ shall
Forever pounce

My pretty lady
Because true love is


Here’s to growing old