Embed Facebook Posts on Your WordPress.com Site

Check out this cool new feature that allows you to Embed Facebook Posts on Your WordPress.com Site.

I can’t wait for this feature to work it’s way into the core of WP.org

But what I’d really like to do as a WP dev is setup a feed to pull from any social site and auto create a post on my WP blog.

For example: I post a photo to Facebook and have to repost that same photo on my WP blog.

In this scenario I can now do it with a simple URL, but I’d rather my WP blog be smart enough to autopost it to save time.

Also note, I don’t want to just post my Facebook content – I want to take the photo I posted to Facebook and upload it to my WP blog, so the file is hosted on my WP site. This accomplishes taking back ownership of my content. I may be sharing it with Facebook, but I still have it hosted locally as well – making it easier to migrate to another social media site if I should ever choose to do so at a later date.