Find Your Addiction Free Zone

Addiction is a crutch. Chemical dependency can only carry you so far before becoming a part of the problem you were trying to cope with while you solve it. The object is to fix the problem that you began with, not learn to cope with it.

Imagine a man with a crutch walking. Now imagine if he could heal his leg so that he didn’t need the crutch.

The drug is a crutch. It’s not fixing your broken leg. If something is stressing you out to the point you cannot cope with it, and if you cannot fix it, let it go.

Like a doctor recommending you stay off the broken leg for a while until it heals. Whatever stresses you out to the point of needing a chemical dependency to cope is not worth it.

Let go and heal yourself mentally, then move on. There are other jobs, other friends, other (insert whatever is stressing you out here), etc.

Life is too short to waste away miserably. You should enjoy it while it lasts – within respect and in accordance with one anothers own happiness.

“Find what makes you happy and let it kill you.”

Please don’t take this out of context. I don’t think anyone is completely addiction free. We all have our habits we’d like to change.

The goal, I think, is to positively form habits and encourage behavior on yourself that will reward a better, more happy life. I know I try myself everyday.