Startup Runnable fancies itself as “the YouTube of code”

Imagine that. What an awesome idea.


For folks who are searching the web for specific video clips, YouTube(s goog) has become an invaluable resource not just for viewing your favorite stupid human tricks (or whatever) but for finding them in the first place.

Now, Yash Kumar, a former Amazon software engineer (pictured above), is applying that concept at Runnable, his startup dedicated to making all that code findable. The pitch is this: While Github is fantastic for storing code and collaborating on it, Runnable aggregates (via crowdsourcing) APIs and other reusable lines of code from all over the place, so that developers can find them and quickly incorporate the best of what’s out there in their products.

That means less time spent searching for code and more time building stuff out of it.

According to the company, it lets users:

  • Search for specific code, modules and APIs
  • Upload and share code and APIs that they…

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