Drake and Josh Reunite To Make Us Happy Again

I ain’t calling you a truther 🙂

Jon Negroni

It’s a short reunion, but my heartstrings have been plucked nonetheless.

People have been wondering whether or not Drake and Josh will actually be reuniting for a movie, which is a cruel rumor that keeps me awake at night instead of dreaming about Oprah.

Drake is broke, Josh’s movie career has been lukewarm, and Miranda Cosgrove is actively trying to avoid becoming the next Miley Cyrus. If they did a movie, it would probably be a mere shadow of the once great show, but isn’t it worth it for them to try?

And what would the movie or new show be about? If I was a money-making entertainment mogul, here’s what I would pitch:

After graduating high school, Drake and Josh went to different colleges to pursue their dreams. Drake wanted to pursue a musician’s life, but reality thrusted him into pursuing a degree in anthropology.

Josh went on…

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