A happy home

My grandmother used to say

That a home should be dependable
Feel like a safe haven
And always be inviting
For children

It should be the first place
That they think to turn to
To run to
In time of need

To feel comfortable
And cherished

They should never
Want to run away from it

When I was fifteen
And my parents split up
And my whole world
Felt turned upside down
I could always turn to
My grandparents home

They took me in
And helped raise me
It was there that I found my purpose
And in there warm embrace
Kisses and hugs and songs and cookies and cakes
It was there I grew to be the man I am today

But today at 31
I say goodbye to that home
In the hopes that I can build up my own
Safe haven
For my future

Rest in peace
Jackie and Vivian Garvey
You will always be cherished
In my home