Because Black History is a forever lineage leading back to the roots of Humanity

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Elijah Heiss

On this day in history:

Feb. 28, 1708 – Slave revolt in Long Island, N.Y.
In one of the first recorded slave revolts in America, seven white people were killed in Newton, Long Island. Following the rebellion, two black male slaves and an Indian slave were hanged, and a black woman was burned alive.

Most who know me personally know I feel very strongly about black American culture, Hip-Hop, and many of the staples in American history for minorities. For me, it’s a life choice of always trying to look at the world from outside of the Bluest eyes I was given at birth – not out of shame or guilt, but rather, as an acknowledgement that the truth can only be found from outside of one’s own self-view.

I could spend hours debating about Black History Month and what it represents, but honestly, right now I…

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