Watch: Generation Like (on PBS Frontline)

I think about this all of the time. My future and what I do for a living is sort of dependent upon it.

It is the commercialization (or, consumerization, if you will) of actions or sentiment from users on a Web site – to “like” something, to “share” something, to “follow” someone, to “check-in” somewhere.

They call it social currency. I see it more as identifying actions you wish someone to take on your Web site. Before social media, there was a lot more grey area as far as what a person was doing while they were on your site. With social signals such as a “like” button, or a “follow” button, we can easily identify the person’s interest when they interact with our sites now.

What intrigues me the most is in how it effects and changes the user experience of a Web site or application for the end user – in this case, author Doug Rushkoff explores the marketing and branding of big corporations through social media and how it impacts young people.


One thought on “Generation “Like”

  1. The part where they show the commercials of the 80’s made me remember watching those commercials as when they were new and thinking how awesome they were and I felt like they were speaking to me and other kids like me. TV is such a powerful medium, I can’t imagine how kids feel today when their favorite celebrity responds to them. We had to pay $2.99 a minute just to hear New Kids on the Block leave a recorded message on a hotline, and that was just awesome enough. LOL

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