Turn Off, Unplug, and Tune In…

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I just landed back in the United States after being on vacation in Costa Rica since Sunday night. I had a great time! The number one reason it was so good is because I completely disconnected from my life.

20140402-203241.jpgI didn’t bring a computer with me. I can’t remember the last time I went more than a couple days without using a computer; I practically live on the Internet.

I used my iPhone a bit on Monday because I was maybe going to meet up with Lori from my gym back home, who was out here with her husband and daughter. It didn’t work out though and I’ve been offline ever since. Since Monday afternoon, my phone was rarely out of airplane mode.

On Saturday night, even before leaving, I actually deleted the Facebook app so I wouldn’t be tempted to check on everyone back home. I spend way too…

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