22 years ago today, Michael Jordan had the shrug game

22 years ago from June 3rd.

Also note, 30 years ago MJ was first drafted into the NBA by the Bulls.

Michael Jordon draft 1984

For The Win

Today is the 22nd anniversary of Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Portland Trail Blazers, a game that will live on forever by a simple shrug of the shoulders.

Michael Jordan hit six first-half three pointers in that game and after the sixth, memorably turned and shrugged to the crowd that was losing its mind. When you’re so hot all you can do is shrug your shoulders, that’s a pretty incredible level of hot.

Here are all of Jordan’s highlights from the game if you feel like reliving it:

Jordan finished with 39 points in a 122-89 Bulls win.

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