With Love

I know
It hurts to be sober
You can’t forgive yourself
Or it’s everybody else’s fault
If you’re one of those types
But it’s all the same
It hurts to feel something
Well I’m here today
Not to say stop abusing
But to say
Time to buck up
Do as you please
But at the very least
You should be
Of that pain
From whatever it is
You’re holding onto
If you’re dealing with loss
Your lost loved one
Would not want you to suffer
I know it hurts
But the only way out of
This tunnel
Is to let go
And seek shelter
Learn to cope
Skew morality
If you have to
So that you can find your
Happy again
Without the influence from substance
Time to grow up
And be your own parent
Nobody else can do it for you
Whether it’s learning to live
Without a loved one
Or learning in life
You don’t always get what you want
Unless you’re willing to earn it
The drugs don’t hurt
Within moderation
But they don’t help you get there
Wherever “there” is in life
That you want to be at
You’re just wasting away
Clinging to a false sense of security
Hiding behind numb feelings
Not accomplishing your goals
On behalf of your own true happiness
Let go of
Whatever is
Holding you
Back from moving on
Back from finishing the work you need to
In order
To succeed at living your dream
Be happy my friend
Without addiction