Blood Samples and Petri Dishes

Battle for blood types
And aortic dissonance
In A world full of I before you
Except after always we
I believe in destiny
Because it is Herstory
But I myself am fated
For history

May we be O- in our charities
And AB+ in our reasoning
And if you don’t know what that is
Look it up
This may B poor man’s poetry
But not for the dumb
B not boring
Blind or lazy
Do not thot
B not thirsty
Use for good

We need to find our +
Forever peace
Our light of salutations
In our place
For salvation
Where we stand
In mortal hand
Coiled + temporary

On square footing O
Standing, sitting
Kneeling, laying
Reasoning A
Praying B
Run or walk
Caravan or plane
Or jet pack AB
May your space of domicile
Keep divinity within it’s stars

However you get there
Just B there +
And in there
Knowingly B conscious
Of your part in helping determine
The living story
Whether we AB grounded in
The time of
Becoming A people
Led to Canaanite fodder
Or lambs to laughter

If we B- people
Found wanting
Of the stuff that makes up +
A moral fiber
Woven into dignity A
Passed down through B
The laurels of yester
For the lazy man’s jester AB+
Let us not sequester to squander
Or peel back the yonder of time

Find your eternal wanderer
Calling for + empathy
For new ways to connect AB+
And balance O-
The living ethos
Of cognitive dissidence
Far from the kind of love
That grows AB-
And blossoms
And holds strong
For as far
As the can
Beat O

Be the seed AB
Desoil bad dreams
May your crops of tomorrow
Always yield abounding empathy
Ready for harvest

To both you +
And me
So never fail to speak it
Say it out loud
May we B lost in it
Act it out
Show it to all
And to the least
Of us
The most