To the Young Gods

With their whole existence
Still in front of them
Time stops
At their dance

With the weight of the world
In their every breath
They can tear down
Rebuild again
Or addify
The lie
We cry

When the old Gods
Meet the new
And begin to die

The time is now
The time is not
Ours anymore

It belongs to a new
Warrior with the forward thrusting

Carrying life into the abyss
With it
And into a new

Like an anchor
Pulling us all forward

I throw mine into the abyss
And see if I’ve gone far enough
Will it bounce back?

Young Gods
When it is your time
Remember the old Greek adage
On infinity:

Go as far as you can
And when you can go no further
Throw your spear forward
If it goes forward
You have not reached the end
If it bounces back
There is more on the other side