For Alice

today is for my paternal grandmother alice who lived to the beautiful age of 90 years old.

she past away earlier this year, and my father is visiting from south carolina to celebrate her birthday week (she would have turned 91 this coming monday jul 10).

life may get tough at times for us all. she definitely saw her fair share through adoption as a child, learning to survive the great depression, life as a woman battling sexism, and losing her husband at 45 (least of all raising children on her own).

yes i know tough women. i was raised by a beautiful family full.

a raven haired beauty in her day, alice loved betty boop, crossword puzzles, and any silly game you could pull up on the computer as her awkward nerdy grandson named elijah. she’d talk your ear off and give you advice on everything and anything (even if it was cold hard advice you didn’t want, she always meant it in a good way, but it failed to come across sometimes).

truth is, she was so determined and stubborn in her ways that she would have outlasted us all if her mortal body would have permitted. nobody could stop her or change her mind. time and again she had to reinvent herself to survive. she knew the world was hers to explore.

while we didn’t always see eye to eye, i always admired that about her. strong minded women have a will like no other and an innovative ability to thrive. i come from a family full.

never lose your will to adapt and continue on. always find your humor and joy to smile through any storm. in the darkest of times continue to shine your light. it comes from the source, and the source is your own.

keep your head up, peeps. maintain inner peace. and have a beautiful rest of your week.

rest in peace

alvera “alice” heiss
jul 10, 1926 – mar 6, 2017