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Hi, I’m Elijah Heiss

a/s/l: 35 years old, male, born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan.

I’m an SEO & developer with 10+ years of experience in my field.

I like to travel. I am a music addict, avid Web Development student (developing with WordPress since 2.0.5), technology enthusiast, Science nerd, part time computer repair man if you are family, and as of late, resident Social Media expert for Moms, Aunts, Grandmas and the like (Thanks Mark Zuckerberg).

Never Stop Learning

In recent years, I’ve become intrigued by Search Marketing and Social Media – I see both as the successors to offline media. The potential for future growth in these two areas are simply immeasurable, and as more and more adopt new technology (i.e. the Digital Natives grow up and do only what comes natural), the potential reach for marketing in this area only increases.

I also am very passionate about Web Development. It began as a hobby I picked up when first starting college at MCC (Muskegon Community College), and it quickly became a fascination of mine that would only grow, more and more, with time.

While trying to decide a career path for myself, which at the time I was majoring in English, I realized that no matter what I’d do for a living, I’d always be tinkering with the Web out of obsession – so, I figured, if you’re good at something and you love doing it, why not get paid for it? And the rest is history.

Eli Heiss at the Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Enjoying the view from Brooklyn Bridge Park (circa 2007)

For the past 4 years I’ve been focused heavily on Search and Digital Marketing, Website Optimization, User Experience, and Mobile design. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about site ranking, user engagement, the process of tracking, measuring, and optimizing around the client’s intent – and tons more than just designing and building Web sites for clients.

Now that I see the other end of the spectrum by managing and improving the content on the Web site, I feel like my scope and range of Web Development has grown tremendously. Now-of-days I am more fascinated by the user experience and the future of Mobile UI for the Web. I see everything as becoming more and more App-like, and I feel it’s for the betterment of minimal design – something I’m a big fan of.

As of late, I’ve even begun to notice how Mobile design theory is slowly creeping into every device and resolution layout. It makes sense that if it works on the smallest screen, it should at least enhance the experience of the large screen devices. But also from a familiarity standpoint, if Mobile is going to eventually overtake user percentages, it’s only practical to base every other screen resolution layout around what the users will be most comfortable with.

Anyways, back to the point of this page…

Always Be Smiling

When I’m not totally swamped with my full time job of helping to teach family how to check their Facebook Timeline (I love you, Mom!), I also build WordPress Web sites (with a care and love as if they were my own), I optimize content and market Web sites for a living.

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