WordPress – Twenty Fifteen theme is now in /trunk

WordPress - Twenty Fifteen theme

With r29892 the first pass at our new default theme, Twenty Fifteen, is in core. While a lot of hard work has gone into it already it won’t be complete without your help. Check it out and do your best to twist it, bend it, and break it everywhere you can — especially on your favourite and least favourite mobile devices. Every tester, and every ticket, helps get us closer to an amazing theme for 2015.

If you’d like to help out with fixing some of those bugs in all those tickets, patches welcome. 🙂 And we’ll be going over everything Twenty Fifteen in IRC, every Tuesday at 15:30 UTC, in #wordpress-dev. Come hang out with us and squash some bugs.

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2014 WordCamp Grand Rapids #WCGR

WordCamp Grand Rapids keeps getting better every year 🙂

I’m warming up to the city of Grand Rapids

I love how wide a scope of focus WordCamp allows for speakers (from business, design theory in general, user experience for anything trackable, to how to find happiness in general while having a Web-centered career like being a WordPress developer).

Each year you can expect to find the hilariously entertaining and informative speakers like Brad Parbs

Right down to the outliers of areas that WordPress knows it needs to grow and incorporate into it’s focus (as mentioned before, like better design, user experience, simplicity in the backend of a growingly complex system).

And the constant collaboration promises for continued growth and success for the community. This year one great suggestion I heard was from Bryan Esler of Mindutopia at the J. Gardella’s Tavern for the after party:

A panel meeting between both designers and developers to help learn how to better communicate workflows, needs, and concerns to improve the working relationship between both.

On a personal level, because I’ve been WordPress focused for almost a decade now (even to the point of losing out on job opportunities because of it), it’s now especially great to see local digital marketing firms in the Muskegon area (where I am from), like Revel Marketing and RCP Marketing begin to embrace the WordPress platform.

There’s something great to be said about local communities growing together. And if WordPress can help facilitate that – it’s just one more example of how great the Open Source philosophy is.

And the one constant about WordCamp every year is that while all of this awesome is going on at your local meetup, there are hundreds of others going on across the globe.

So here’s to many many more to come and to growing together as a worldwide community!

Code is poetry.


Highlights from Matt Mullenweg’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit

More reasons to like Reddit, and more reasons to like WordPress 🙂

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Reddit’s popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) series is an open forum between notable personalities and their users. Matt Mullenweg, WordPress co-founding developer and Automattic’s CEO & President, hosted a question & answer session several months ago. Here, we’ve excerpted some of the most interesting questions and answers as they pertain to WordPress core, WordPress.com, and other Automattic products.  Questions have been slightly modified to isolate the question. Original AMA thread here.

Q: I was at your State of the Word in SF and you talked about moving WordPress more towards being an application framework rather than a CMS or blog platform. What specifically do you have in mind for this (better settings API, developer features, etc)? And then if you could break backwards compatibility (which really isn’t a option for WP), what would you really like to completely redo or add to WordPress? (submitted by andrewry)

Matt: First…

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