each of
reach of
new piece of
technology i
seem to
seek a
for a
i don’t
know how
to ask it

mirror mirror
on the wall

who am i?

it’s whatever
you ask it
what shadow
you cast
the river
of ur

hook line
and sinker

mirror mirror

we create

Dr. Krunkstable & his magical medicine show

This is a song by Dr. Krunkstable. If you do not know him yet, find his music, because you’re missing out!

I’ve lived in Muskegon all my life – born and raised. It’s a small town with not a lot to do, not a lot to get into (if you lack imagination). Most my life I’ve spent buried in a computer to compensate for this fact.

Two years ago I met someone who led me to his music, and because he loves music so much (probably more than his own being) his music led me to a ton of other music made right here in my own backyard, Muskegon.

Music is good when it makes you feel something inside. But music is great when it makes you MOVE SOMETHING OUTSIDE.

I’ve never really danced, and I know what that means about me as a person. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in life, but I’ll get there in due time.

In the mean time, I’ll be bumping this guys music and all the other great musicians I now know thanks to him. He’s a great guy. You’d be lucky to know him (and anyone close to him).

Here is where you can find his music:

And here’s more on what other great things he offers:

Reborn into Magick


She was born into this life with a scream from her mother, the first glimpse of her life was being loved unconditionally by a woman who had just laid eyes on this precious gift. Cradled in her arms, she felt no harm should come to her. She was the embodiment of innocence, though her gifts ran through her veins. Like a life force …of blood and tears. She was the daughter of so many women taught not practice in their craft. Misunderstood and painted like a scarlet letter, she hid in fear of what people may presume.She lived her life in the expectations of others, yet she was drawn to the moon and the skies like a moth to flame. She could feel the energy of her surroundings, as she swayed in the night breeze. Yet she put these gifts aside, full well knowing that a piece of her would…

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David Bowie Is Dead // This Is What He Means To Me

Optimistic Underground

“Where the fuck did Monday go?”

David Bowie is actually dead. It feels strange to say this. More than any other artist on the planet, Bowie always seemed to move beyond mere mortals. To the world, he was larger than life. His work was timeless, always a step ahead and off to the side from everyone else. Even his most popular songs felt beamed in from another place, with a unique sensibility that could come from no one else. He is universally beloved by entire generations, despite remaining as weird as a man can be.

Infinitely more important to me, however, is the space he occupied in my life. David Bowie is the one and only artist to have been there all along. I mean this in the most literal sense.


He starred in one of the first films I can remember watching, Jim Henson’s dark fantasia Labyrinth. Despite…

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Odd Future: Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats on Fallon


Optimistic Underground

Since I actually sought this out on tv and stayed up to watch it, AND it turned out to be more than worth the time and effort, sharing seemed to be on order.  It’s Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats of OFWGKTA.

So check this out and enjoy it as I have.  Several times already.  A few highlights:  Their insane energy and enthusiasm.  Tyler getting away with wearing the upside-down cross ski mask.  The song itself, fucking great even when edited.  The J-horror girl standing there doing nothing.  The gnome.  Felicia Day warily shouting “WOLF!” And of course the perma-grin final few seconds in which Jimmy Fallon carries Tyler piggyback, and a (possibly inebriated?) Mos Def shouts “SWAG, SWAG, SWAG!”

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